The SLIA Board has approved the formation of a new committee  to promote and educate on protection of our Shorelines, the Shoreland Stewards Committee.   The health of our lake includes not only the water itself, but our shorelines, as they are a major contributor to the quality of our lakes.   Shoreline erosion due to high impact methods that change the natural condition of the lake is something we should all be concerned about.  There are healthier ways to protect our shoreline than traditional hardening methods such as walls, and our committee is here to help promote and educate on alternatives such as bio-engineering and natural shorelines through native vegetation

The committee recognizes the Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program  - 

The program recognizes lake front property owners for maintaining your property in a manner that reduces the negative impacts on our lakes. 

Do you want to know how well your property rates?  There is a simple web based questionnaire you can take to learn best practices and rate your property:

 If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to protect your shoreline, feel free to contact one of our committee members!  

Melanie Rippentrop (Chair) @

Tim Brock @





This project has been in the works since 2016, starting  with erosion, with correction beginning in 2017 and an actual Bio-Engineering project beginning in 2020, with full installation and planting in 2022 with great results that year and in 2023.  See the description of events captioned above pictures. 

Picture 1 - Taken in August, 2016 -  before the erosion started, then one winter the  blocks on the beach area collapsed, initiating the need for a Shoreland Improvement project ..


Picture 2 - Taken in October, 2017 after improving the south portion on the lake with RipRap .. 


Picture 3 - Taken of the North part in October, 2018 - the start of further erosion .. 


Picture 4 - Taken in September, 2020 - more erosion taking place ..  


Picture 5  - Taken in November, 2020 - Installation of Bio-Engineered Coir Logs, continuing in progress  improvements ..


Picture 6 - Taken in June, 2022 - with full instatllation of the Shoreland project and planting of native plants ..


Picture 7 - Taken in July, 2023 - Native plants in full growth ..  


If you are out and about on the lake, you might want to check this Shoreline Project and see if  some of the improvements might be  applicable to your Shoreline.  If you have questions, be sure to contact one of the members of this Shoreland Improvement Committee, they will be very happy to share details with you.  




More Shoreland Project Pictures

This shoreline is located on the North end of Fashbaugh Cove, the property upgrade was completed in September, 2020

                                                              Shoreline Before ...

                                           Shoreline After ...