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Why Should YOU Join the SLIA?

 Because YOUR

  • Environment
  • Recreation
  • Property Values

               . . . are  all at stake if the lake isn’t preserved and protected.

 Because NO ONE else is going to care if it depreciates EXCEPT those of us who live here.

 What does the SLIA do for YOU?

  • It monitors and treats Invasive Species that invade our waters, along with appropriate water testing to keep our lake healthy.
  • It monitors events, development and laws that could impact our lake.
  • It publishes a bi-yearly newsletter for residents providing articles on: 
    • Upcoming Social Events
    • Water Safety rules & practices
    • Who Do You Call Contact numbers
    • Wildlife protection
    • Environmental Issues that could impact the lake quality. 
    • It publishes and maintains this informative website
    • (Newsletters and website are provided to members and non-members, fulfilling the goal to educate and inform for the preservation of Silver Lake and it`s environs for all residents.  These services are paid for by membership dues.) 
  • It  issues e-mail messages to all MEMBERS for current issues, social event dates, lost & found, water treatment dates, etc.  Join now to avail yourself of this benefit!

 What can YOU do to help?

  •   IF NOT - YOU CAN JOIN NOW   by downloading the membership form  and sending it in with your dues, contributions, and comments today. 
  •   You can also volunteer to help with  various sponsored activities.  
  •   Thank you in advance for your support!

 What if I have questions about membership?  

  • You can contact the SLIA @, a board member will be happy to contact you to answer your questions.


 Let’s all work together now to make our lake a better place to live

    . . . for ourselves and our future generations.                                  ____________________________________________________________



Silver Lake Improvement Association ByLaws,  Updated and approved August 6, 2016


SECTION 1.    Any interested party may join the association.

SECTION 2.    Regular membership is restricted to lake frontage property owners.

SECTION 3.    Associate memberships will be issued to any interested people not lake frontage property owners.

SECTION 4.   Associate members enjoy all benefits of regular membership except do not have the privilage of 

                         voting or holding elective office.

SECTION 5.    The secretary shall compile a list of membership as dues are paid.

SECTION 6.    Owners in common of a subdivision access lake lot will be deemed associate members.

(If you have questions regarding membership, inquire at