SLIA CALENDAR - 2023 ...

The 2023 calendar is in progress as events are scheduled ......

April 29th  - Adopt-A-Road Cleanup - see posting in first posting berlow this Calendar.

May/June SLIA Newsletter

June 11th  - Kids Fishing Tournament

July will bring the Independence Day Regatta & the Beach Ball on the lake

July will also bring the Adopt-A-Road Cleanup with Final cleanup in October

August - Annual Mtg, scheduled for 1st Saturday in August, in 2023 it will be held on August 5th at Garfield Twp Hall, notice will be sent.

Stay tuned for postings as they are determined.

***If you are a member of the association and have registered your email address with us, you will also be advised via gmails of upcoming events or events in progress - if you are not a member see the membership page, download and send in your form with your dues and become part and receive these benefits!




Saturday, April 29th  - 10:00 a.m.

We will meet at 10:00 sharp at the Silver Lake Park on East Silver Lake Road North to clean East Silver Lake Road.

                                                            Questions, please contact Ron Grin at 231-715-0920



Remember -  Leaves in the lake = Phosphorus = muck!

Please don`t be a "mucker-upper"!

Rake your leaves, bag them, and take them to the Grand Traverse Recycle Center - please do not blow them into the lake.  If you have a lawn service - please advise them as well!

The Recycle center is located at:

2471 N Keystone Rd, 231-941-5555,

Recycle hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  from  10 - 4:30 -  Saturday 9-3:30

It`s only $1 for a large bag!  For more information on recyclable items, visit, "Recycle Smart ", or call  231-941-1620

(Residents of Garfield Twp may obtain a one-time free pass at the Twp Hall, again stop in, visit website, or call 231-941-1620 for details.)


Blair Twp is sponsoring a recycle cleanup on May 6, 2023 at their location from 8 am until Noon, for Blair Twp residents only, contact the township at 231-276-9263 for details



The heroes of Silver Lake, cleaning East Silver Lake road yearly, 3 times per year!

Ron Grin came onto the Silver Lake Board in 2011 and investigated doing the Adopt-A-Road with his neighbor Gordy Sigren.  It came into reality in 2012 and has been going on every since!  Gordy has since passed (sorely missed by all) and the Adopt-A-Road has been dedicated to him ...

Enjoy these pictures  of the first group in 2012


Today was the 10th anniversary and the faithful gathered at the Garfield Township Park to do their duty.  Enjoy today`s Picture, featuring Ron Grin, Ron Bowman(wife Marcia behind camera), Chuck Hathaway and Harry Riehl,  also serving but not pictured were the Rapson family, and of course yearly, our real hero Don Pahl who does N East Silver Lake  Rd from Highland Drive to West Silver Lake Rd lake Rd by himself, asking for no lauds, so lauds to you Don!


When you see these heroes, be sure to thank them!  Watch for timing for the fall cleanup posted on this website and join in to keep our area clean!




   Recap of the SLIA Annual Meeting held at the  Garfield Township Hall on August 6th.  It began with a sign in and meet and greet with coffee and donuts to get acquainted with neighbors.  It was well attended with 60+ members and guests present.

   Committee reports were presented and approved.  Board members were nominated and approved for the upcoming 2022-23  year.

   Jennifer Jones of Restorative Lake Sciences reported on the Eurasian Milfoil treatment and the general health and condition of Silver Lake - very good compared to some other Michigan lakes, with Milfoil population much less than other lakes, due to proactive measures taken by the SLIA.

   Tom Thompson reported on the 2nd Annual Kids Fishing Tournament as well as planned fish counts and plantings scheduled for 2023.  See the website and the fall newsletter for winners and pictures of this great event!

   The Great Big Silver Lake Beach Ball was on display and Chuck Hathaway reported that it was more approached and signed than any other previous year, it is definitely one of the most popular summer events!

   Mike Reed announced the Regatta winners and they were presented winners boat flags and pictured certificates.  Posters were on display featuring the winners, the additional participants, the lead boat by Vance family, Judges stationed around the lake, and of course the great shoreline admirers/participants which made it all worthwhile.  These pictures will be included in the fall newsletter for residents to find themselves and remember the good time they had!

   The meeting was capped off by guest speaker, Tom Roth, Michigan State Representative.  Many questions were asked about the legislative status on lake issues- one being concern that the decisions for short-term rentals would be taken out of the hands of local governments, perhaps leading to other issues staying local.  There was also concern regarding high speed watercraft causing safety issues and shoreline erosion.  He indicated he would be following up with the DNR on upgrading marine laws.

   Note:  The current SLIA board has established a safety committee to investigate and address issues,  residents will be receiving continued gmails as they progress, any concerns and suggestions will be welcomed.  Please also note that whether to have short term rentals or not is not a board determination - rather the concern that local decisions be taken out of local hands, so residents can not have the opportunity to share their opinions.  The SLIA works very hard to represent all Silver Lake residents equally!





August 6th, Garfield Township Hall, 3848 Veterans Drive, Traverse City, MI 49684

Meet & Greet with Refreshments - 8:30 a.m. with meeting @ 9:00 a.m.

Guest Speakers:

Michigan State Representative John Roth

Restorative Lake Sciences (Invasive Treatment Provider)


A notice to all lake front owners will be sent a week prior to the meeting, notifying of the meeting, providing the  agenda, and including a membership form for the coming year 2022-2023.

Please arrive at 8:30 to sign in, bring your membership form and dues, enjoy meeting and greeting and the refreshments, the meeting will start promptly at 9:00 sharp! 

Questions, please reply to this website...

..... hope to see all interested neighbors and residents there to share information about our precious resource!





Decorate your boat and come join in!  Not decorating?  Join the parade anyway - you do not have to register to join, just to be part of the competition - Just remember the occasion and display the Red, White and Blue! 

Judges will be stationed around the lake and prizes will be awarded to the winners at the  Annual Meeting August 6th!


Due to Covid-19, we are doing things a bit differently this year - see next  - 

You should have received a form with your spring newsletter, if not - Click here on "Registration Form", print it, fill out, scan, and return to this website prior to the parade.   Meet in front of the DNR boat launch at 1:30, get your pic taken or take others, parade begins sharply at 2 p.m!

Please display a large number  on the "Shoreside Facing" side of your boat, to be identified by the judges and cameras.  (Poster board works great!)

 PARADE BEGINS SHARPLY AT 2:00:     Please be on time.  Along the route, please leave enough room between boats to "perform" for the judges, while not lagging too far apart - tricky!  (Note, in past years, there has been a small problem with too much distance between boats , resulting in "2" parades, especially at the south end, so please be mindful and catch up!) 

TO WATER FIGHT OR NOT? MIND THE "X`S"!   Place a large "X" on the shoreside of your boat to be given safe passage from land or sea water fights!  If you enjoy participating in these "shenanigans" - be mindful of the "X`s" and HOLD YOUR FIRE while they pass - remember we are a community and there may be small children on board.  Let`s also not fire on the shoreside docks or spectators unless they are looking for a skimish!  Let`s all enjoy the day together! 


SHORELINE SPECTATORS:  Let`s cheer the boats on and remember they love the scorecards!

 Any other questions regarding the Regatta?

            - contact Mike Reed at

A complete recap of the day with pictures will be  published in the fall newsletter.   To see  previous years events, see "Newsletters", this website.






This is a big year - the 11th Anniversary for this great event! The Beach Ball will be on  the lake from Tuesday, June 28th until Monday, July 4th for all to enjoy. It will be in different locations,  depending on the wind.  

A great opportunity to sign it and take selfies!

Please respect and do not move the Beach Ball. Remember the ball is purchased by the lake community for the lake community.   If you see someone abusing it, please kindly ask them to stop.  If you see the ball needs help, please call me at 231-313-0177.

Hoping that it brings some joy to everyone in these rough times ...

See you on the lake, Chuck Hathaway,  Beach Ball Committee Chair





The annual meeting was held at the Garfield Township Hall, with coffee and donuts "Meet & Greet" at 8:30 with meeting starting at 9:00 a.m.

President, Ken Kaufman welcomed 51 members and guests, the agenda was presented and acted upon, minutes, committee reports, election of officers.

Guest Speakers included:

Will Kinney, DNR officer who gave a presentation on Michigan Boating Laws and Regulations and how they are interpreted and enforced, he then took questions from the audience on various situations they had observed or encountered.  Current 2021 Boating Law booklets were available for members.

Jennifer Jones, Restorative Lake Sciences, who does the Eurasian Milfoil treatment for Silver Lake, spoke of the condition of the lake, that the amount of Milfoil continues to lessen with treatment and that overall the lake is in good condition.  She also took questions from the audience.

President Kaufman made a presentation for the Rippentrop Family who have been involved in a project of shoreline preservation with vegatation practices.

Chuck Hathaway presented the 10th Annual Beachball for people to sign and take selfies with after the meeting.  He indicated it has been one of the best years ever!

Mike Reed capped off the meeting with presentation of Certificates and Silver Lake Regatta Winner`s Flags to the Winners of the 4th of July Independence Day Parade ...

1st Place was "The Vaccinator" by the Berden, De Bruyn Family -   


3rd Place was "Shower The People", by the Zolinski Yacht Club and Friends -

Not present but honored were  -

2nd  Place, "The Silver Lake Pirate Girls",  by the Vance, Cerny, Cesario Families

4th Place, Honorable Mention, "Dr Seuss", by the Geskus, VZ, and Babbs Families

All pictures of the BeachBall, Regatta Paraders, Judges, Shoreline Participants will be featured in the fall newsletter, which will be added to the website when published.



Silver Lake Kids Fishing Tournament - 2021

  The Silver Lake Association is sponsoring a Kids Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 12th at 9:00 am at the DNR Public Launch Site, which is the "Free Fishing" weekend in Michigan.  

  You might want to round up your kids and grandkids and make plans to take part - it should be a lot of fun!

... Read the following flyer for details ...

..  Then If you haven`t entered yet, download this Entry Form and send to Tom per form instructions - see you on Saturday - join the fun!







February and March in 2021 feaured a rare event on Silver Lake - "Glorious Skating Conditions"!  Usually the lake is covered with snow, which is not too conducive to this great activity - but a warming trend melted the snow to perfect skating conditions - and the community responded!

First, Mike Groleau and his pal, Azalea swirled and twirled for several days, Azalea doing a great job of keeping up!  Seeing this fun activity going on, Frederick and Cara Gruber and their daughter decided to join in one afternoon after school. having a great time and sharing a family photo.  As the cameras came out and the story spread, the publisher of the SLIA gmail decided it would be worth sharing!  This brought out Blake and Sue Vance from across the lake, Blake even sporting a hockey stick.  Mike & Michelle Davis also decided to give it a try, with Mike capturing Michelle as she performed!  The Breneman family with their two pals, Brody & Lila decided to join in and the 3 pups had a great time getting acquainted!  Not to be outdone, Paulette Andrews took her two grandsons, Titus and Elias out for a stroll, big brother Titus helping little Elias when he tumbled, and they kept on going.  Karen Bunting and her friend just down the lake also joined in for a whole afternoon of enjoyment, they were joined by a pal as well, these pups sure do love the lake - so much fun!

Please enjoy the following pics, in order of their appearance the above story...









 The Great Big Silver Lake is on the lake! June 28, 2020


Ready to launch - I can`t wait!                I`m on the lake - Come and Find Me!



I will be anchored at various points on the lake through the 4th of July holiday for easy access. 

Be sure to take the opportunity to come and sign me,  leave comments, take selfies with me --- Enjoy me! 

Please do not tow me, or try to jump me!  If you see someone misusing me, take a moment to educate them - I belong to the whole lake community!  If you see that I need help, please notify Chuck Hathaway, Beachball Committee at 231-313-0177, or through the SLIA website at ...   

We would be interested in your selfies with the beachball for posting, send to website address with your name, description and how you can be reached - you might see yourself here! 





          LIGHT UP THE LAKE!   

  While we are all doing our part to keep the  Covid-19 from spreading, it’s time to give thanks and recognize the doctors, nurses, and other community  responders for risking their health for us every single day! Let’s come together as a Silver Lake Community and LIGHT UP the lake on their behalf

Here’s how you can participate!

What:   Light Up The Lake

When:   At 9:00 on Friday & Saturday nights for the month of April & to Include the last weekend May 1st & 2nd to finish out the month, for 2-3 minutes each night.

How:   Flash lakeside indoor/outdoor lights and make noise! (Whoop, Whistle, Air Horn?)

Why:  To recognize the amazing people in our community who are working hard to keep us safe and healthy.

Also:   To connect and say hello and share with fellow residents around the lake who we have been distancing ourselves from!

(We have sent this message to SLIA members that we have addresses for through our g-mail chain, if you are viewing this notice on the website and aren’t sure if your neighbors are members of the SLIA,  please pass it on to them that they might share in this special event!  If you or they aren’t part of this great group, this would be a good time to join us and receive future communications!)

A special thanks to the resident/neighbor, Mandy Ford, who came up with this great suggestion!

Be Safe, Be Healthy, WE WILL SURVIVE!                                                                             Your SLIA in action  ...




If there is anything you wish to add to the SLIA calender, contact