SLIA CALENDAR - 2018 ...



Environmental - Invasive Species Survey & Treatment Dates:


Treatment is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27th if the weather permits, approximately 10 acres of milfoil will be treated.   If  treatment does not occur on Wednesday, then it will  be delayed until after the 4th of July on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Treated areas will be posted.

Rules for water usage in treated areas: 

1)  If you live on the property or are adjacent to the water being treated (property will be posted) please stay out of the water for 24 hours (including pets).  If treatment happens on Wednesday, you can use the water on Thursday. 

 2)  If you live on the property or are adjacent to the water being treated (property will be posted) please refrain from watering your lawns and gardens with lake water for 48 hours.  If treatment happens on Wednesday, you can use the  lake water on Friday.

While we understand this may be an inconvenience, it is crucial to the control of this very invasive species and is small in comparison to the result of unchecked invasion - if you google Eurasian Milfoil Invasive Species/Pictures and see what has happened in lakes where there has been no attempt to control - this could have happened to Silver Lake had it not been for people who were proactive on our behalf in prior years.

Restorative Lake Sciences LLC (Contractor for Invasive Species Treatment, Silver Lake)

2017  Water Treatment for Invasive Species was completed on Tuesday, JULY 11TH. 

SLIA members were notified via g-mail and properties treated were posted and advised to avoid swimming for 24 hours, and watering lawns & gardens with lake water for 72 hours.

  • The good news is the treatment area was  less than in 2016 which means the treatments are being effective and the incidence of discoverable Invasive Species has lessened!
  • Residents observing areas of milfoil should contact Scot Ogden with this information so they can be included in the fall survey.




The Great Big Silver Lake Beachball2018 - Season 7 

...  Stay tuned for launch times - The ball is usually launched onto the lake

                   on the weekend before and  through the July 4th Holiday! 

 To see pics of last year's ball - please go to events... 




PARADE ENTRY FORM:    Click Here to download Form.



The annual Boat Regatta is back by popular demand, with balloons, banners, costumes, boundless creativity and ... The Red, White, and Blue proudly displayed!!!   Decorate your boat and come join in!  Not decorating?  Display the flag to commemorate the day, and join the parade anyway -  it's so much fun!  

All boats will receive some snazzy Silver Lake can koozies when you register.  Judges will be stationed around the lake and prizes will be awarded to the winners at the  Annual Meeting August 4th!

REGISTRATION - HERE'S HOW - Meet in front of the DNR boat launch promptly at 1:30: -  Please display a large number prior to registration on the "Shoreside Facing" side of your boat, to be identified by the judges and cameras.


Just to print off and fill out the "Registration Form Above" in advance and bring with you to the boat launch.  This will reduce our "pre-parade" organizational time immensely!

 PARADE BEGINS SHARPLY AT 2:00:     Please be on time and get the "parade" on the "water"!  Please allow space for boats to "do their magic" in front of the judges, while not lagging too far apart - tricky!

TO WATER FIGHT OR NOT? MIND THE "X'S"!   Place a large "X" on the shoreside of your boat to be given safe passage from land or sea water blasters, balloons, etc!  If you enjoy participating in these "shenanigans" - be mindful of the "X's" and HOLD YOUR FIRE while they pass - remember we are a community and there may be small children on board.  Let's also not fire on the shoreside docks or spectators unless they are looking for a skimish!  Let's all enjoy the day together!

SHORELINE SPECTATORS:  Let's cheer the boats on and remember they love the scorecards!

Interested in  being a judge?  Any other questions regarding the Regatta?

            - contact Mike Reed at

A complete recap of the day with pictures will be  published in the fall newsletter.   To see  previous years events, see "Newsletters", this website.




    Adopt - a - Road Cleanup

    Summer/Fall Clean-Up Schedule

      Saturday - July  14, 2018

   10:00 a.m. Sharp!

   Meet at Garfield Twp Park, East Silver Lake Rd  

      (Changes or rain dates will be posted on this website)

      ***To view the safety video for cleanup volunteers from the County,

      go to the Grand Traverse County Road  Commission Website.

     (If you have any questionsplease call Ron Grin at 231-943-0293)     

Fall Cleanup Date - September 22nd,

... will confirm as time approaches ...



Gordy Sigren of Brakel Point came up with the idea for the SLIA community to join the

Adopt-A-Road program several years ago, since that time it has grown to be a favorite

project of many.   Gordy passed away this last summer and will be sorely missed.  In his

honor his friends and family requested the 1st mile from US31 to Rennie School road be

named in his honor.  On Saturday, April 28th,  his daughter Sari and sister Jill gathered with

friends to clean his mile in tribute and to pose with the new sign.  







Remember -  Leaves in the lake = Phosphorus = muck!

Please don't be a "mucker-upper"!

Rake your leaves, bag them, and take them to the Grand Traverse Recycle Center - please do not blow them into the lake.  If you have a lawn service - please advise them as well!

The Recycle center is located at:

2471 N Keystone Rd, 231-941-5555,

Recycle hours are: Tuesday 12-7, Thursday & Saturday 9-3

It's only $1 for a large bag!  For more information on recyclable items, visit, "Recycle Smart ", or call  231-941-1620




Saturday,  August 4th, 2018

Garfield Township Hall

3848 Veterans Drive (Off S. Airport Rd, just past Grand Traverse Mall)

Sign In/Meet & Greet/Refreshments  - 8:30 a.m.   Annual Meeting - 9:00 a.m.

*** All property owners will receive meeting notice per USPS mail prior to meeting.

Membership is yearly, Sept/Sept - a membership form will be enclosed with this notice,

(it is helpful if your form can be filled out prior to the meeting to move things along quickly!) (If you are unable to attend the meeting, your form with your dues can be mailed to the Treasurer, address will be included) 

Details of the meeting - Topics and Speakers will be published on this website when available. 

 For 2017 Annual Meeting reports and details, see Events.




If there is anything you wish to add to the SLIA calender, contact