Remember -  Leaves in the lake = Phosphorus = muck!

Please don't be a "mucker-upper"!

Rake your leaves, bag them, and take them to the Grand Traverse Recycle Center - please do not blow them into the lake.  If you have a lawn service - please advise them as well!

The Recycle center is located at:

2471 N Keystone Rd, 231-941-5555,

Recycle hours are: Tuesday 12-7, Thursday & Saturday 9-3

It's only $1 for a large bag!  See Garfield Township website for more information or call, 941-1620


Invasive Species Treatments:

The treatment of the Silver Lake Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) continues with testing showing that the treatments are bearing fruit with testing showing the milfoil is definitely down from previous years. Almost no phragmites were found. Through the efforts of the Environmental Committee, the townships have participated with funding both through township funds and a small special assessment to lake residents. Because of this funding we have been able to stay ahead of this potentially devastating problem. In recent years, some very dedicated board members have accomplished much. Being lay people, doing all of this on a volunteer basis, the board chose to have a professional lake management company take over the role. Restorative Lake Sciences have the expertise and connections to keep abreast of the testing and treating, as well as knowing all of the environmental repercussions, laws, etc. They also know the history and reputations of the treatment companies and are able to get competitive bidding and work with the townships involved to complete the process.

See pictures and descriptions of Eurasian Water Milfoil and Purple Loosestrife in detail in next segment.


 Lake Pests



    Eurasian Water Milfoil -

   Thanks to the efforts of Silver Lake Residents and the SLIA.

   An ongoing program to eliminate this invasive species has been very successful!


     See pictures below of lakes that have out of control invasion of this threatening plant.          


       If you see it, please do not pull it!  Any small fragment will restart another plant!  

       Instead contact the SLIA with the location and it will be scheduled for treatment. 


 Purple Loosestrife 

    Purple Loosestrife appears to be a beautiful flower to enjoy in your garden -


    This beautiful plant is also an invasive specie -

    ...  left undeterred, it will take over the lake bottom.

    This plant propagates itself when the flowers go to seed. If you see this plant,


    Then bag it and despose of it appropriately.  


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