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Silver Lake

Silver Lake is located in the western part of Grand Traverse county of northern Michigan. A natural lake surrounded by pines and hardwoods with sandy beaches. Its irregular shoreline gives way to islands and peninsulas which host wildlife and abundant plant life. It is a wonderful location for boating, fishing and swimming for all to enjoy.

Our Mission

The goal of the Silver Lake Improvement Association is to promote the improvement and preservation of Silver Lake and its environs, for the quality of life for its riparians.

Our Profile

The members of the  Silver Lake Improvement Association are property owners, represented by an elected  board of volunteer directors. They have provided a service and a voice for our lake since the association was formed as a Michigan non-profit corporation in 1965.  The association also gained federal non-profit standing in 2016.  This non-profit association encourages all lake property owners to actively participate in functions and improvements of Silver Lake.


An Annual Meeting is held  on the 1st Saturday in August.  Board of Directors meetings are scheduled throughout the year as needed to conduct the business of the association

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(Officers and Directors)

   (Directors are elected at Annual Meeting by the membership, officers are chosen by the Directors at the first meeting following annual meeting.


President - Ken Kaufman

Vice President - Scot Ogden

Secretary - Kelly Smith

Treasurer - Denny Bogard


Dennis Bogard

Gary Borucki

Marcia Bowman

Tim Brock

Jeffrey Heydlauff

Ken Kaufman

Nancy Knight

Scot Ogden

Ellen Rapson

Melanie Rippentrop

Kelly Smith

Tom Thompson 


Special Committees:

Ron Grin

Chuck Hathaway

Al Strange


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